350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating

Reduce heat transfer and prevent corosion

350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating is a spray-on, water-based insulating coating designed to act as a thermal barrier within all types of vehicles. The coating is tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weatherability, adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance.

  • Class A fire-rated; flame resistant
  • Passes FMVSS 302 and does not contribute to a fire
  • Decreases interior temperatures 45% faster compared to fabricated foam style insulation when introducing air conditioning
  • Reduces or completely prevents condensation
  • Withstands constant temperatures up to 350˚F
  • Applies quickly on irregular surfaces and geometries without hassle
  • One-part, water-based coating system provides a protective, seamless membrane
  • Lightweight


Seamless Application

350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating is a one-part coating that applies with ease on complex geometry, even in tight spaces and small corners. Unlike peel-and-stick or glued-on alternatives, the coating provides a seamless membrane and does not debond after a few years. It adheres directly to the surface, ensuring long-term, quality performance. Because it is a coating, it mitigates waste and decreases labor hours. 350-TIC is water-based and extremely low in VOCs, so the product poses no hazards to personnel working with or around the products.

There is no other insulation product we are aware of that gives us 100% coverage inside the ambulance, including on aluminum framing that was previously uninsulated. That, combined with superior testing, gives our vehicles a distinct edge over the competition.

Design Engineer, Ambulance Manufacturer

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