350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating

Reduce heat transfer and prevent corrosion

350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating is a spray-on, water-based insulating coating designed to act as a thermal barrier within all types of vehicles. The coating is tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weatherability, adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance.

  • Class A fire-rated; flame resistant
  • Passes FMVSS 302 and does not contribute to a fire
  • Decreases interior temperatures 45% faster compared to fabricated foam style insulation when introducing air conditioning
  • Reduces or completely prevents condensation
  • Withstands constant temperatures up to 350˚F
  • Applies quickly on irregular surfaces and geometries without hassle
  • One-part, water-based coating system provides a protective, seamless membrane
  • Lightweight


Seamless Application

350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating is a one-part coating that applies with ease on complex geometry, even in tight spaces and small corners. Unlike peel-and-stick or glued-on alternatives, the coating provides a seamless membrane and does not debond after a few years. It adheres directly to the surface, ensuring long-term, quality performance. Because it is a coating, it mitigates waste and decreases labor hours. 350-TIC is water-based and extremely low in VOCs, so the product poses no hazards to personnel working with or around the products.

Test method AMD 012 (see page 13 in link) is a test designed by the NTEA (Nat’l. Truck Equipment Association) specifically for ambulances and is used to “measure and ensure adequate performance of the heater/air conditioning system in an ambulance”. Basically, the procedure measures how long it takes to drop the temperature from 95˚F to 78˚F. LizardSkin OEM 350-TIC has shown to be the most effective of the materials tested in this group.

There is no other insulation product we are aware of that gives us 100% coverage inside the ambulance, including on aluminum framing that was previously uninsulated. That, combined with superior testing, gives our vehicles a distinct edge over the competition.

Design Engineer, Ambulance Manufacturer

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