Silence Noise

Dramatically reduce noise in your vehicle! Watch the video and hear the difference, or click below to see how LizardSkin Sound Control is quieting rides in real-life applications!

Stop heat. Stay cool.

Spray your way to a cooler ride. Watch the video to see how it amazingly blocks heat, or click below to see how folks just like you are using applying LizardSkin Ceramic insulation!

Spray It On

  • Easy to apply
  • Seamless application
  • 100% coverrage
  • Application is more efficient and covers more completely than mat materials

How Much Do I Need?

Pick the vehicle closest to your project to find out, or use the “Click to Calculate” button below for a more specific estimate!

Hot Rod
Muscle Car
Van/Sprinter Van/RV
Classic Trucks

Customer Reviews

Best product on the market! Super easy to install and clean up is a cinch.

LizardSkin in Action

From Street Rods to Sprinter Vans…

LizardSkin’s premium Ceramic Insulation, Sound Control coating and TopCoat coatings were designed to provide thermal insulation, protect against radiant heat gain, dampen irritating rattles and prevent annoying vibrations. Click below to see how others are already using LizardSkin in real-world applications.


Which product do I use first?

For best results, use the Sound Control first followed by the Ceramic Insulation


Click the below application guide to see equipment guidelines, surface preparation recommendations, and other helpful information that can ensure a successful LizardSkin project.