Other Uses

Other Uses for LizardSkin

LizardSkin’s ability to insulate and dampen vibration is great for cars and trucks, but there are many more uses on all types of vehicles and trailers. Both Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation can be used around your home, garage, or commercial workspace, anywhere you want to reduce heat and noise. Below are a few examples of uses for LizardSkin products:

  • Home theaters, including speaker cabinets, and projector housing.
  • Farm equipment tractor cabs
  • Garage door and other types of metal doors 
  • Home brewing setups, including mash tuns and hot liquor tanks
  • Patio covers and car ports
  • Ice chests
  • Toolboxes
  • Truck bed camper
  • Shells trailers of all kinds; for horses, dogs, livestock, racecars, equipment, etc.
  • Heavy trucks
  • Hunting blinds
  • Above ground fuel tanks
  • HVAC ductwork to control condensation and improve efficiency
  • Industrial dishwashers
  • Home dishwashers & washing machines
  • Exhaust fan enclosures
  • Experimental Aircraft (Note: LizardSkin products are NOT certified by the FAA)

Photo Gallery

Check out images where customers used LizardSkin on products other than their vehicles:

Dog Trailer Thumb Olympus Digital Camera Garage Door thumb Recreational Vehicle Truck Toolbox Thumb

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