LizardSkin Advantage

Heat and Sound Protection

LizardSkin auto insulation coatings are a fast, easy way to reduce the amount of heat and deaden sound before it enters the interior of your vehicle. Since LizardSkin came on the market, thousands of auto enthusiasts around the world have applied the coatings and enjoyed cooler, quieter rides. Our product lines includes: Ceramic Insulation (car heat insulation), Sound Control (sound dampening) and TopCoat and we also offer the SuperPro Application Kit to simplify the applications of these products. All products are available for purchase via our online store.

Mascoat, the leader in insulating coatings, manufactures LizardSkin coatings. The company’s experience in the industrial, marine and commercial fields have paved the way for LizardSkin’s unique ability to keep out heat and noise in a thin, coating format.

LizardSkin’s ability to be sprayed on allows the customer to effectively insulate any type of vehicle without the tediousness and waste associated with sound mat products. In a head-to-head comparison, LizardSkin coatings were 3.5 hours faster and saved the installer over $1,200 in material and labor costs.

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