Race Vehicles

Race Car Insulation

Driver safety and comfort is LizardSkin’s top benefit in race vehicles. Coating all areas surrounding the driver including firewalls, transmission tunnels, floorboards and the backside of the seating area with LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation provides premium thermal insulation and protects the car from heat from:

  • Engines
  • Headers
  • Transmissions
  • Exhausts

Best of all, LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation is lightweight at only 0.06 lbs per ft2 and Class A Fire Rated (ASTM E-84), protecting the interiors of cockpits against fires, making it perfect race car insulation.


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Because of the constant high heat temperatures the cockpit is exposed to, you will want to use more LizardSkin CI than our common recommendation to create an effective thermal barrier. For racecars, we recommend you apply 60-80 mils (2 mm.)

LizardSkin Sound Control can help dampen vibrations in race cars when necessary. For a glossy appearance, try our TopCoat product. To provide an extra layer of safety and comfort in your racecar, visit our shop today!