Applying LizardSkin

Applying LizardSkin

Once you’ve done all of the necessary prep work, you’re ready to spray our car insulation and sound deadening coatings. Just follow these easy instructions. This is a quick summary of applying LizardSkin automotive insulation products. For more detailed instructions, please read the Application Instructions.

NOTE ABOUT SPRAYER: The SuperPro Application Kit is the only method recommended to apply LizardSkin SC or CI, as the sprayer has been specifically designed for the high viscosity of the coatings. Brushing or rolling will result in uneven thicknesses, leading to performance and curing issues.

NOTE ABOUT TEMPERATURE:  Higher ambient/surface temperatures and lower humidity is always recommended for proper drying and curing of our water-based coatings. The ideal temperature to dry and cure according to the schedule is above 70˚F (21˚C) with minimal humidity. Lower temperatures and higher humidity will prolong dry/cure times, and the coatings will not dry in temperatures below 60˚F (15˚C), but they will begin to dry once the temperature rises again.

NOTE ABOUT STACKING THE PRODUCTS: When using both products (stacking) ALWAYS apply Sound Control FIRST then wait at least 24-36 hours to apply Ceramic Insulation on top. The coatings have an “infinite recoat window,” meaning there is no maximum time between spraying Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation. If you do wait an extended period of time between products, blow off any dust or debris and wipe down with a wet rag, then allow to dry.

  • Open the lid of the product you want to apply. Use the drill and mixing paddle to mix the contents of the bucket. The product should be the consistency of a milkshake, which shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes.
  • Remove the cup from the sprayer and place it on something to protect your garage floor in case you spill. Pick up the bucket and pour it into the cup. Holding the bucket about 12-16 inches above the cup will allow the product to flow down to a narrow ribbon, allowing for a clean pour.
  • Adjust the tip of the sprayer. Turn the tip inward until it stops then back out the tip with 2 (two) turns out. This is a good starting point that will minimize the tip adjustment time. Most find it works well from here, and usually only requires small adjustments from this point.
  • Attach the cup to the sprayer and test the fan and pressure by spraying it at a piece of cardboard or into a trashcan. Just spray it a few times and adjust the nozzle and air pressure accordingly. Once you have a consistent flow and a pattern you are happy with, begin spraying your substrate holding the sprayer tip approximately 6-9 inches away from substrate.

Recommended air pressures:

Spray LizardSkin heat and car sound insulation coatings evenly across the substrate with a sweeping motion. Usually 2-3 passes gives you the desired thickness of product per coat (20 mils or 0.5 mm.) Measure using the Mil Thickness Gauge supplied in the Application Kit. Once the first coat is dry to the touch (at least 60 minutes) follow with the second coat.

Use the 90º tip for hard to reach places such as door skins. See the instruction manual for more detail. Each of the coating’s ability to bond to complex shapes gives it a significant advantage over sound deadening mat products.

If you are applying both products, make sure that the Sound Control has cured completely (24 hours at 70ºF) before applying Ceramic Insulation. The warmer it is, the quicker the coating will dry. Do not force cure by aiming a heat source at the wet coating, but having a fan on low/medium nearby to promote air circulation will help in the process. The coatings must air dry. Once the Sound Control has cured, just repeat the above steps taking the varying air pressures required for each product into account.

Make sure to clean all equipment thoroughly immediately after applying LizardSkin products. If you aren’t able to clean immediately, place the sprayer into a bucket of water for easy cleaning later. Run a full cup of water through the sprayer after you have finished cleaning to clean out the sprayer thoroughly.




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