Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Does your company manufacture recreational vehicles? Visit LizardSkin OEM to learn more about thermal and sound solutions for RV OEMs.

LizardSkin’s spray-on coatings provide insulation and sound damping for recreational vehicles.

Heat from the sun may make the interior of RVs very hot, at times becoming unbearable. LizardSkin’s recreational vehicle insulation coating enhances the comfort of your RV by reducing heat gain.  LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation is easily applied to:

  • RV foof tops for protection from radiant heat gain
  • Firewalls to protect against heat from the engine
  • RV floors to protect against heat from the transmission and exhaust system
  • Entire interior surfaces and sidewalls for recreation vehicle restoration projects

LizardSkin Sound Control dampens noise from loud, powerful engines, road noise from long highway driving, and other annoying rattles and irritating vibrations from recreational vehicles. TopCoat may be applied to provide a glossy appearance on your RV.

Recreational Vehicle Insulation Insulation Sound Damping Recreational Vehicles

LizardSkin coatings create a seamless membrane to prevent moisture from entering the RV, which leads to corrosion and wood rot. Best of all, LizardSkin’s coatings are very thin; recommended application thickness for both Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control combined is only 2 mm, saving valuable space inside your RV.

To find out how much LizardSkin insulation and sound damping for recreational vehicles is recommended for your RV, visit our “How Much Do I Need” page. For more information on how to get a cooler, quieter RV using LizardSkin insulation and sound damping products, contact a LizardSkin specialist today. You can also order recreational vehicle insulation and sound deadening spray directly from our online shop.