SuperPro Application Kit

SuperPro Application Kit

The SuperPro Application Kit is made exclusively for LizardSkin automotive insulation and sound deadening coatings, able to handle their thick viscosity with ease. It provides exactly what is needed for professionals and hobbyists to properly apply the coatings on their trucks, jeeps, vans, or complete classic car restoration projects. Sprayers used for typical paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these technologically advanced auto insulation coatings. Both LizardSkin coatings must be applied to a clean, dry and rust-free surface. Applying both coatings is a snap, without the tedious labor of cutting and pasting that traditional soundproof mat products require. Simply hook up the SuperPro spray gun to shop air and spray your way to a cooler and quieter ride.

Included in the SuperPro kit:

  • Sprayer
  • 1 Quart Cup
  • Stir Paddle (attaches to drill)
  • Application Instructions
  • Wet Mil Gauge

NOTE: The SuperPro Application Kit is the only method recommended to apply LizardSkin SC or CI, as the sprayer has been specifically designed for the high viscosity of the coatings. Brushing or rolling will result in uneven thicknesses, leading to performance and curing issues.

Prices may vary depending on where the product is purchased. Purchase the SuperPro Application Kit through our online store.

Contact one of our experienced sales reps today to learn more about the LizardSkin® SuperPro Application Kit. For questions about ordering parts for your SuperPro spray gun, call us at 800-549-0042

What’s the Difference Between The SuperPro Application Sprayer and  a Schutz (Undercoating) Gun?

The SuperPro Application Sprayer has a much larger pick-up tube and spray nozzle versus standard undercoating sprayers, ensuring even, consistent coverage without clogging or splattering.

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