Glossy TopCoat

Automotive TopCoat

LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation and Sound Deadening (or dampening) coatings have been protecting vehicles from heat, noise, and rust for years, but LizardSkin TopCoat improves durability and also provides a glossy finish that many customers desire.

LizardSkin TopCoat is NOT an insulating coating but is capable of handling the temperatures that Ceramic Insulation coating is designed for and does not affect Sound Control’s ability to dampen noise and vibration, making it a welcome addition to the line. The product is intended for use with LizardSkin’s coatings, but can also be used as a standalone product if desired. It protects your vehicle from the elements, including salt, rocks, and gravel.

TopCoat can be applied to any vehicle, including hot rods & customs, muscle cars, kit cars and more! It is especially popular for off-road vehicles. Each 15 oz. can will cover approximately 12 square feet.

When applying on top of LizardSkin SC or LizardSkin CI, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours in temperatures above 70˚F before spraying TopCoat. The water-based coatings need to have plenty of time to cure before being topcoated.

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Vehicle Areas

This automotive top coat is textured to help increase traction when applied to vehicle floor pans, or other areas where more traction is desire, including:

  • Anywhere in the cab where carpet or liner is not installed
  • Complete underbody
  • Underside of wheel wells
  • Engine compartments, including the underside of the hood

TopCoat Benefits:

There are many advantages to spraying TopCoat on your vehicle, including:

  • Durability and abrasion-resistance
  • Textured, non-skid finish
  • Glossy, black appearance
  • Easy spray-on application. View our TopCoat application instructions here.

TopCoat is available in 15 oz. aerosol cans, each capable of about 12 square feet of coverage and will be sold individually or in 6-pack cases. To order, call LizardSkin today at 800-549-0042.

How does it look?

Below is a photo of a vehicle surface before and after spraying TopCoat. The bottom image shows the glossy black appearance TopCoat provides.

Glossy TopCoat

Dry times for Glossy TopCoat

(At 72˚F and 50% humidity)

  • To touch 30-45 minutes
  • To handle 8-10 hours
  • Return to service 24-36 hours
  • Full cure~4 days




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