Sprinter Vans

Sprinter Van Insulation

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As sprinter vans become more popular for recreational and commercial purposes, we have had a lot of new customers who are looking for a better way to keep their van cool and comfortable. Many metal sprinter vans do not come with insulation, so the interiors can quickly become uncomfortable and filled with rattles and road noise. Some do come with insulation, but it can be bulky and difficult to customize interior spaces around. For drivers looking to convert their sprinter into a campervan, hot temperatures are especially uncomfortable for spending the night in a sweltering space.

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Heat Insulation & Sound Control

Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation can help protect your van from the elements. Whether it is a camper, a cargo van, or even a luxury passenger van, Lizardskin-CI provides premium thermal insulation. The coating reduces excessive heat transfer, making time in your van cooler and much more comfortable, especially for long trips. The thin form of the coating helps to allow easy modification on top of the coating, making vans extremely comfortable while maximizing customization.

Noise can also be an issue with vans. The metal panels can cause loud rattling that makes it hard to talk to other passengers, take phone calls, or listen to music. If you’re traveling long distance in your van, this can quickly become unbearable. With Sound Control, you can reduce this noise so that your trip becomes enjoyable once again.

Sprinter/Cargo Van FAQ

Q: Does LizardSkin-CI (Ceramic Insulation) replace the need for conventional insulation?

A: You will need to design your total insulation system based on your individual needs.  If you plan on van dwelling in a wide range of climates, you will likely need additional conventional types of insulation.  When combined with traditional insulation, LizardSkin-CI can reduce the likelihood of moisture forming on the surface.  This will prevent performance degradation due to moisture absorption and future mold and mildew issues.

Easy Spray-On Applications

Because LizardSkin is a spray-on coating, applying the products is quick and easy compared to typical mat products. There is no cutting and pasting that is typically associated with mat insulation, and LizardSkin takes a fraction of the time to apply. If you’re looking to start a trip quickly, then LizardSkin is the insulation to choose. More importantly, our coatings will seal your car against rust and corrosion, resulting in longer-lasting insulation for your van.

Commercial Sprinter Vans

LizardSkin is also a great option for customers using their van for cargo and commercial purposes. Vans such as the original Mercedes-Benz sprinter van, the Ram Promaster, and the Ford Transit are great options for carrying your goods long-distance. Having a cool van is essential, especially if you are transporting perishable goods. We’ve also had customers in the past who have used LizardSkin Sound Control to quiet the van so that they can make business calls without excessive noise.

All coatings may be directly applied to:

Floor pans



Inside doors



Running boards

Wheel wells


Exterior surfaces

Behind insulation

Cargo areas

For more information on how to give you a cooler, quieter van contact a LizardSkin Specialist today. You can also order LizardSkin at our shop. To find out how much LizardSkin is recommended for your build, visit our “How Much Do I Need” page