• 2006 Jeep LJ

    "Great product, by the way. It sprayed nicely and covered well!" Even more modern Jeeps are seeing the benefits of using LizardSkin coatings. Our auto insulation products can help with annoying rattles and heat coming in through the floor.  We'll help keep those feet cool when you are driving barefoot on the beach! How is [...]

  • 1972 Ford Bronco

    "On our 1972 Ford Bronco, we sprayed the interior and bottom of the body." Those classic Broncos are some of our favorites when they are restored.  The fact that so many owners see the value and ease of application of our automotive heat and sound insulation products makes us pleased (especially when they share the [...]

  • Serenity Bus Project – Custom Restored School Bus

    "We brag on Lizard Skin literally everyday. We’ve discovered many side benefits we never anticipated on the front end..." - Serenity Bus Project We love how passionate our customers are about LizardSkin's automotive heat and sound insulation coatings. Knowing that our products are being used in such interesting custom builds is the fun part! Helping [...]

  • King Series Trucks – 6-Door Custom Truck

    "We are loving the products and so are our customers. We just love how it sets our trucks apart!" -King Series Trucks In such a custom vehicle, why wouldn't you use one of the most modern, custom automotive sound and heat insulation products on the market? LizardSkin's coatings, when applied in subsequent layers, provide total [...]

  • 1963 Ford F-100 Dodge Viper Blue

    "I have used the other stuff and the new technology of LizardSkin is superior to anything I have found, this product is the best!" -- Dave, Custar, OH LizardSkin-CI and SC are the perfect combination for long-term heat and sound protection. Compared to other automotive insulation products, when LizardSkin sticks to the surface, you'll know [...]

  • 1968 Ford Mustang

    "We used LizardSkin SC & CI on the entire inside of the car, roof, cowl, doors, and floor. It helped control the interior temperatures and makes the AC not have to work so hard. It also gives a really solid sound to the doors when they close." -- Miles, California If you are looking for [...]

  • 1934 Ford, Builder Showcase Car – NSRA Nationals

    "There is simply nothing better than LizardSkin, especially on a build like this...." -- Chip, Pottstown, PA In Chip's own words, he found the best automotive sound deadening insulation and auto heat insulation in both LizardSkin coatings. If you are looking for automotive insulation and optimal sound deadening performance, check out the links below to [...]

  • 1931 Ford Coupe

    "I used LizardSkin because I can get into all of those little corners and crevices where the other stuff can't go or won't stay." -- Ken, Geneva, OH If you are looking for seamless auto insulation for heat and sound, our easily spray-applied coatings provide you with the coverage you are looking for. As Ken [...]

  • 1927 “LRHC” Roadster Pick Up

    "LizardSkin keeps my "LRHC" Roadster Truck Cool and Quiet, use this product once and you will never use anything else." -- Bill, Pottstown, PA We hear this from many of our past customers. After struggling through past car restoration projects involving cutting, pasting, and rolling of sound deadening mat products, when introduced to a seamless, [...]

  • 1933 Ford Coupe

    "I drive thousands of miles a year going to Car Shows. There is nothing out there that can quiet and cool your car like LizardSkin can." -- Mike, California We're happy to help Mike stay comfortable as he travels from show to show in that beautiful coupe. Knowing that LizardSkin car insulation coatings are providing heat [...]