1927 “LRHC” Roadster Pick Up

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“LizardSkin keeps my “LRHC” Roadster Pick Up Truck cool and quiet. Use this product once, and you will never use anything else.”

— Bill, Pottstown, PA

We hear this from many of our past customers. After struggling through past car restoration projects involving cutting, pasting, and rolling of sound deadening mat products, when introduced to a seamless, long-lasting spray-on insulating product, you become a customer for life!  LizardSkin’s coatings are the most modern heat insulation and sound damping products used in the automotive industry.

  • How is it applied? – Easy preparation, seamlessly applied, and easy cleanup. Check out the application instructions for LizardSkin products.
  • Need extra protection? – LizardSkin TopCoat is a rattle-can applied product designed to provide additional abrasion resistance.

Ready to buy LizardSkin Sound Damping or Ceramic Insulating coatings for your Roadster Pick-Up Truck? Head to shop.lizardskin.com to place your order today! Have some questions about LizardSkin? Head back to the home page for an overview on the insulating and sound deadening products and application process.

1927 "LRHC" Roadster Pick Up Truck

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