1934 Chevy Sedan

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“We applied it to the inside surfaces of the body and to all underside panels including the transmission and driveshaft tunnel.  I am really impressed at how well the heat control product works.  The car has no carpet or other insulation on the floors and the surfaces remain only warm to the touch after extended driving/cruising.  Great stuff!”

— Jay S., North Carolina

We love when we exceed our customer’s expectations, like with Jay. With the LizardSkin-CI, our heat insulation coating, the floor of Jay’s vehicle was specifically targeted to reduce heat transfer.  In addition to the other areas it was applied, the final result is a much cooler vehicle. If heat and noise are an issue, combine both products (in subsequent layers) and have a complete automotive sound deadening and insulation solution that results in a cooler and quieter ride.

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