1935 Ford Coupe


“I am impressed with how well LizardSkin dampened the sound of the bare metal, sealed over the factory body seams, and encapsulated the whole body surface. I can say there is a remarkable difference now compared to what it was in 1960-61 when I was in high school running a ’48 Merc flathead then a ’55 Olds. I recall the heat given off from either of those engines transferring thru the original Ford firewall, insulation was extreme to say the least. I like the application being a spray-on product used for both interior and exterior surfaces, verses cutting and fitting a mat to fit the interior metal surface sections only. If I recall I used two containers of each. My next project is my wife’s 66 Chevelle, so I’ll be in touch. Thanks a lot for clueing me in on LizardSkin.”

— D. Lockhart

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