1968 Bronco Restoration

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Hi, Bronco Fanatics! This video shows you the 1968 Bronco Restoration final results achieved with LizardSkin Sound and Heat Control. In addition I put three coats of body color on top. You could use the LizardSkin Top Coat spray, but I chose to use the stock color Peacock Blue.

Lessons learned?

  • Use a good automotive tape. I used 3M.
  • Also when you fill in your bolt holes before applying LizardSkin use a big wad of aluminum foil and have the largest part be on the inside where the Lizardskin is being applied.
  • Finally take your time removing the tape. You will leave a black edge and need to touch it up with the body color.

Thanks for watching.

Music composed by SPiCA from HookSounds.com

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