1968 Camaro DIY Sound Deadening and Insulation Install

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What a great DIY sound deadening and insulation install video from Jake’s Shop! This perfectly highlights a first-time application of LizardSkin coatings, and how people can DIY automotive sound deadening and car insulation projects themselves.  LizardSkin’s vehicle insulation and sound deadening products are popular additions to classic cars like this 1968 Camaro.

Using LizardSkin’s car heat and noise insulation products, gives you a user-friendly solution to common automotive problems. Our Ceramic Insulation (CI) formula cools your car by reflecting heat away from the interior, while our Sound Control (SC) is a sound deadening material for road and other exterior noises. Want a protective, glossy finish? Try TopCoat, which can be used by itself or on top of LizardSkin’s auto insulation and sound damping products. Applying LizardSkin-CI and LizardSkin-SC with the SuperPro Application Kit provides a seamless layer of insulation for car heat and noise.

For more ideas, check out our applications page, or check out a few classic car restoration projects where LizardSkin was used.

Both products feature an easy, spray-on application that provides a continuous protective moisture barrier. The environmentally friendly solution cleans up fast with soap and water. It is able to be applied to both the interior or exterior of vehicle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you ride cooler and quieter with our auto insulation products.

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