32 Ford Coupe

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“My car was very hot and I was unable to drive for very long distances. After hearing about LizardSkin CI, I applied it to the entire interior; it made a huge difference and now it’s very comfortable to ride in, no matter the distance.”

— George M., Milford, MI

Glad to hear we turned George’s car into a cooler ride!   LizardSkin-Ci has been used in many cars for heat insulation purposes. The long-lasting, spray-applied product reduces heat transfer into the interior spaces of the vehicles when you apply a seamless layer. If you also have sound deadening needs, you’ll want to use our LizardSkin-SC BEFORE applying the LizardSkin-CI. Combined, the two products make a great combo attacking both heat and sound.

Ready to buy? Head to our online store to put your order in today! Have some questions? Head back to the home page for an overview on the LizardSkin products and process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or visit our Contact Us page.

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