Applying LizardSkin Sound Control in Resto-Mod Projects

Lauren Maiman

Resto-mod projects blend the classic charm of vintage vehicles with modern performance and comfort. One key aspect of these builds, often overlooked, is sound control. Proper sound dampening can significantly enhance the driving experience. LizardSkin Sound Control, a leader in automotive soundproofing, offers a practical solution for your resto-mod project.

Surface Preparation: The First Step

Start with a clean slate. Ensure that all surfaces where LizardSkin will be applied are clean, dry, and free of rust or debris. This preparation is crucial for optimum adhesion and effectiveness of the sound deadening product. A properly prepared surface is key to maximizing the benefits of soundproofing in classic car restoration.

Even Application for Optimal Results

LizardSkin Sound Control is best applied using the official LizardSkin Spray Gun for a uniform and even layer. It is made exclusively for LizardSkin automotive insulation and sound deadening coatings, able to handle their thick viscosity with ease. Consistency is crucial; an uneven application can lead to less effective sound dampening. Cover all critical areas, including floor pans, door interiors, and trunk space, to ensure comprehensive noise reduction in your resto-mod.

Drying and Curing

After application, allow the product to dry completely. Proper curing of LizardSkin Sound Control is essential for it to perform effectively as a noise barrier. This patience pays off by providing a quieter, more refined cabin experience in your resto-mod vehicle. If you are applying LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation on top of LizardSkin Sound Control, you must allow the sound deadening coating a full 24-36 hours of drying time before application of the insulation.

Purchasing and Additional Resources

LizardSkin Sound Control can be purchased from authorized dealers or directly from the LizardSkin website. For more detailed application instructions and tips, download the application guide. Investing in LizardSkin Sound Control is a step toward achieving the perfect balance of classic aesthetics and modern functionality in your resto-mod project.