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  • Using Automotive Masking Tape

    Over at Classic Car Restoration Club, they highlight the different kinds of painter's tape commonly found.  With preparation being such and important aspect to the overall process of implementing LizardSkin's automotive sound damping (deadening) and heat insulation coatings, we felt this information would be helpful in ensuring a quality application. Using LizardSkin's car heat and [...]

  • Why Put a Cool Car in a Hot Garage?

    Did you notice how hot your garage was this summer? Most garage doors are thin corrugated sheet metal that not only provides zero insulation but actually becomes a huge heat sink that blasts heat into your garage while the sun is shining on it. This is especially true for westward-facing doors. We have had customers [...]

  • How can I reduce noise in my car?

  • Why Put a Cool Car in a Hot Garage?