Jeep Wrangler Interior Removal & LizardSkin Insulation Coating

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In this video of the San Diego Jeep Club Project Build we rip out the entire interior to include the seats, carpet, center console and plastic moldings to make way for adding the LizardSkin Sound Control, Ceramic Insulation and TopCoat. The LizardSkin is going to help quiet the ride significantly and reduce heat inside the rig on those hot desert trail runs.

Product Links:

Sound Control: https://shop.lizardskin.com/collections/sound-control

Ceramic Insulation: https://shop.lizardskin.com/collections/ceramic-insulation

Spray Kit: https://shop.lizardskin.com/products/superpro-application-kit

TrailRecon: http://www.trailrecon.net

SDJC: http://www.sdjc.rocks

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trailrecon/

instagram: @trailrecon

LizardSkin Sound Control (SC) is a spray-applied automotive sound damping coating that is great for reducing exterior noises and enhancing sound systems. It is an advanced, water-based composition of a high-grade acrylic binder with sound-damping particles. LizardSkin’s Ceramic Thermal Insulation coating is a premium spray-on thermal insulation product for all cars, trucks, street rods, customs or race cars —wherever heat is a problem. LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation (CI) is an advanced spray on thermal coating that consists of a water-based composition of high-grade acrylic binders with ceramic insulation particles to create a thermal barrier. With LizardSkin’s spray on ceramic thermal auto insulation, heat entering the interior is reduced by 30°F or more, making for a cooler, more comfortable ride. For maximum automotive thermal performance, encapsulate the entire interior and all appropriate exterior surfaces.

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