King Series Trucks – 6-Door Custom Truck

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“We are loving the products and so are our customers. We just love how it sets our trucks apart!”

King Series Trucks

In such a custom vehicle, why wouldn’t you use one of the most modern, custom automotive sound and heat insulation products on the market? LizardSkin’s coatings, when applied in subsequent layers, provide total protection from heat and noise without the need to cut, paste, and roll. If you are looking for automotive insulation and optimal sound deadening performance, check out the links below to learn more about our coatings.

  • What about Sprinter vans? – Learn about how our car heat and noise insulation products can help quiet and control temperatures inside of Sprinters, Promasters, Transits, and other modern cargo vans.
  • Ready to budget?  – Click here to find out how much of each product you will need to complete your project.

Ready to buy? Head to to put your order in today! Have some questions? Head back to the home page for an overview on the LizardSkin products and process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or visit our Contact Us page.

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