Sound and Thermal Barrier for Van Life Build

Lauren Maiman

Matt stopped by LizardSkin’s headquarters to learn more about the products he’ll be using for sound and thermal barrier on his van life build.  This video is great for explaining the science behind the products as well as show the process of applying a sound and thermal barrier for van life build.  

Looking to purchase LizardSkin to use as a sound and thermal barrier?

About LizardSkin Sound and Thermal Barrier

Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulation can help protect your van from the elements. Whether it is a camper, a cargo van, or even a luxury passenger van, Lizardskin-CI provides premium thermal insulation. The coating reduces excessive heat transfer, making time in your van cooler and much more comfortable, especially for long trips. The thin form of the coating helps to allow easy modification on top of the coating, making vans extremely comfortable while maximizing customization.  LizasrdSkin-CI can also be used to reduce the risk of moisture forming behind traditional insulation materials.

Noise can also be an issue with vans. The metal panels can cause loud rattling that makes it hard to talk to other passengers, take phone calls, or listen to music. If you’re traveling long distance in your van, this can quickly become unbearable. With Sound Control, you can reduce this noise so that your trip becomes enjoyable once again.