1932 Modified Sedan Racecar

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“The heat in my car was terrible until I applied LizardSkin CI. A great benefit is that I was able to top coat it to match my exterior paint.”

What a difference it makes when you attack a problem head on.  With the LizardSkin-CI heat insulation coating, we were able to make the automotive interior much more comfortable in this vehicle. By using our car insulation coating on the roof, floor, firewall, etc., you can really feel the feel the difference and be comforted in the long-lasting performance of the product.

  • How is it applied? – Click the link to see how our automotive insulation and sound damping (dampening) coatings are applied.
  • Calculating total quantity? – If you need to figure out how much you need for your auto restoration project, use the resources found on this page.

Ready to buy? Head to our online store to put your order in today! Have some questions? Head back to the home page for an overview on the LizardSkin products and process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or visit our Contact Us page.

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