’31 Ford Victoria

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“LizardSkin is an awesome product for both keeping the interior cool and quieting down the noise. It’s one of the best things we did for this ’31 Ford Victoria.”

 Art & Ana, Carson City, NV

We are happy to hear happy Art and Ana are with the performance value of LizardSkin’s auto insulation coatings for their ’31 Ford Victoria.  With the LizardSkin-SC, they’ve reduced noise by deadening and damping (dampening) vibration and sound. Then, they address internal comfort by using LizardSkin-CI to reduce heat transfer through the car floor, roof, etc. Check out the links below to learn more about our coatings.

Ready to buy? Head to our online store to put your order in today! Have some questions? Head back to the home page for an overview on the LizardSkin products and process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or visit our Contact Us page.

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