1935 Ford Tudor Sedan

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how excited I am to see the difference LizardSkin makes. After it finished curing, the difference in resonance is staggering. Before, when you knocked on the roof, it sounded like a tin can. Now it has no resonance. It should be a very cool, quiet ride.”

— Brad, Natchitoches, LA

After using LizardSkin-SC, you won’t want to stop knocking on your ride. The sound deadening impact of just a couple of coats is always impressive to our customers. If  sound damping (dampening) isn’t your only concern, check out our auto heat insulation, LizardSkin-CI. Combining the two products (in multiple layers), you can have a total heat and sound insulation system on your vehicle.

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