1937 Chevy

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“I use LizardSkin to keep my 1937 Chevy and other builds cool and quiet. I won’t build a car without it.”

— John G., N. St. Paul, MN

We’re always happy to hear when we have a new customer for1937 Chevy life.  The performance value and ease of application of our automotive heat and sound insulation products keeps builders and restoration shops coming back. Combining LizardSkin Sound Control and LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation (in subsequent layers), will give your ride a total heat and sound insulation system that is designed to last.

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About The 1937 Chevrolet

The 1937 Chevrolet, a hallmark of American automotive history, epitomizes the blend of style and performance that characterized the late 1930s. This era, notable for its advancements in automotive design and technology, saw Chevrolet competing fiercely with Ford for market dominance. The 1937 Chevy models, including the popular Master and Master Deluxe, stood out for their significant design upgrades and mechanical improvements.

One of the most striking features of the 1937 Chevy was its streamlined, art deco-inspired styling. The car featured a more rounded, aerodynamic body, a trendsetting grille design, and elegant headlamps, which made it visually distinct and modern. These aesthetic enhancements were not just about looks; they also improved the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Under the hood, the 1937 Chevy boasted a reliable and efficient inline-six engine, known as the “Blue Flame.” This engine was praised for its smoothness and durability, offering a balance of power and economy that appealed to a wide range of consumers. The introduction of a more robust chassis and improved suspension systems also enhanced the driving experience, providing better handling and ride comfort.

The appeal of the 1937 Chevrolet extended beyond its technological merits. It represented an accessible slice of luxury and innovation during a time of economic recovery in the United States. The car’s affordability, combined with its advanced features and stylish design, made it a popular choice among American consumers.

Today, the 1937 Chevrolet is celebrated as a classic, embodying the spirit of innovation and design elegance of its time. It remains a favorite among classic car enthusiasts, not just for its historical significance, but also for its timeless appeal and the snapshot it provides of a pivotal era in automotive design and engineering.

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