1950 Mercury Hardtop

Cool Rides and Rave Reviews

“Best heat insulation I have ever found”

LizardSkin-CI (vehicle heat insulation) was up to the job when it comes to keeping the heat out of this Mercury. A seamless layer on the interior of your vehicle can reduce heat transfer from the engine compartment, the sun, and the road. If heat insulation is not your only need, be sure to look into applying LizardSkin-SC, our sound dampening coating, prior to applying LizardSkin-CI.  For more information on our automotive insulation solutions, see the below helpful links.

  • Our overall products overview – See which products we offer and recommend for your car insulation and sound damping (dampening) projects.
  • How much do I need? – Click the link to calculate how much of each product you need to effectively dampen (deaden) sound and provide thermal insulation for your vehicle.

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