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“LizardSkin is amazing. Do you know how nice it is to drive in what was once basically a big metal drum and actually be able to use the phone? I can now hear my customers loud and clear and they can hear me. That helps me gets business done.”

– Colin


Sprinter vans, Promasters, and Transits are rapidly increasing in popularity as they provide you a blank canvas to convert as you wish. However, the lightweight panels in the cargo area are prone to reverberate and easily transfer heat and sound to the interior. A great first line of defense against heat gain and sound are LizardSkin-CI and LizardSkin-SC.  With the SC applied first for a sound deadening layer, the CI can be applied to reduce heat transfer and reduce the risk of condensation forming behind any future batt insulation. This is a common system used by many people converting these types of cargo vans.

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