LizardSkin on All Girls Garage

Lauren Maiman

LizardSkin Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation made a cameo on last week’s episode of All Girls Garage on MotorTrend TV.  Now in its eleventh season, All Girls Garage features women working behind the gears at an automotive shop, tackling complex projects on cars and motorcycles.

For preparation recommendations before applying our spray-on sound deadening or insulating product to your vehicle, head to our preparation page here.

Wondering why insulation and sound deadening are important? Heat shields are crucial in classic vehicle restoration to protect vital components from excessive heat, which can lead to damage or decreased performance. They ensure the longevity of the engine and other critical parts, maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and functionality, essential for preserving the value and authenticity of classic cars. Sound deadening is essential in classic car restoration for creating a more comfortable and authentic driving experience. It reduces road and engine noise, enhancing the vehicle’s acoustic environment. This not only improves ride quality but also preserves the car’s interior by mitigating vibrations and stress on older components.

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Do you have additional questions about our sound damping or heat shield coatings? Head back to LizardSkin’s home page for an overview on the LizardSkin products and process, or contact us.

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