Named Best Sound Deadening Spray for Cars in 2022

Will Conner

BetterSoundproofing.com named LizardSkin one of its Best Sound Deadening Spray for Cars in 2022.

Why did BetterSoundproofing.com name LizardSkin Sound Control one of the best sound deadening sprays for cars in 2022?

According to BetterSoundproofing.com:

This spray dampens rattles and vibrations and reduces road noise. It also acts as a protectant from scratches and rust. One thing that sets it apart is being ceramic based. Because of this, it can offer a hard finish that is a superior protectant.

More than just a sound deadener, it is also a heat barrier that can help block engine heat if applied to your firewall, helping the cab of your stay cooler.

Unlike some of this product’s competitors, the Lizard Skin spray is non-toxic, as well as environmentally friendly. It is also water-soluble, so it offers easy soap and water cleanup. It is still recommended that you wear gloves and a mask during application though.

For maximum car sound dampening performance, coat the entire interior surface and the floor, inside and out, with LizardSkin Sound Control. Compared to soundproof mats, LizardSkin Sound Control car sound insulation seamlessly covers the entire surface with no cutting or pasting. LizardSkin is completely water soluble, meaning it offers easy clean up with just soap and water. One gallon of LizardSkin Sound Control can cover 20-23 square feet at 0.040” (40 mils) thickness. See our application guide for more information about applying both LizardSkin Sound Control and LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation.

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