• 1927 Ford – Noise Reduction and Heat Insulation

    1927 Ford - Noise Reduction and Heat Insulation

    "No way I'm riding in a car without LizardSkin." -- Bill We hear that all the time, Bill!  Once someone completes their automotive restoration project and gets to enjoy a cooler and quieter ride, they are sold! Our vehicle insulation products LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation and LizardSkin Sound Control can be combined to provide the total …

  • Trans Am

    Trans Am

    "This is a bottom of a Trans Am we are doing. It looks real good in our opinion; we are very happy. It has a factory look to it." -- Robert Thanks, Robert! What a great looking LizardSkin application on the bottom of this Trans Am!  As a seamless coating, LizardSkin covers complex geometry seamlessly.  …

  • 30s Coupe

    30s Coupe

    "We love using LizardSkin on our builds, like this 30s Coupe!" -- Michael Thanks, Michael! These classic coupes can really benefit from LizardSkin coatings. Not only do they provide sound deadening and heat insulation, but the minimal surface area of a 30s Coupe means that LizardSkin is an economical add-on. LizardSkin Sound Control and LizardSkin …

  • Mad Hatter Customs Garage

    Mad Hatter Customs

    "I love how resistant LizardSkin is to abrasion. I've had customers drive their cars with only LizardSkin down until they had interior done and it holds strong! Awesome heat and sound resistance, especially here in the desert!" -- Matt with Mad Hatter Customs Garage, Las Cruces, NM When a garage consistently uses our product on …

  • 1969 Chevy Camaro

    1969 Chevy Camaro

    "This product was so easy to apply, really user friendly and almost odorless when applied. The finished product looks great!!! The thing I liked most about LizardSkin was the customer service. I was working on my 1969 Chevy Camaro over Thanksgiving, and they gave me a personal phone number to use if I had any …