• 1937 Chevy

    "I use LizardSkin to keep my 1937 Chevy and other builds cool and quiet, I won’t build a car without it" -- John G., N. St.Paul, MN We're always happy to hear when we have a new customer for life.  The performance value and ease of application of our automotive heat and sound insulation products [...]

  • 1956 Chevy

    "LizardSkin Sound Control is great.  I can really hear the high performance of my ride." -- Larry When you help eliminate the unnecessary noise, you can really appreciate your vehicle.   LizardSkin-SC has been used in many cars for sound deadening purposes. If you also have heat insulation needs, applying LizardSkin-CI after your two coats of [...]

  • 1962 Chevy Nova

    "We would not build another car without it. My Dad switched from another product he used on his car. After seeing LizardSkin in action, he's a believer too." -- Steve & Rajean, Iowa We hear this a lot! Sometimes the thought of spraying can be intimidating, but once people take on the project, they are [...]

  • 32 Ford Coupe

    "My car was very hot and I was unable to drive for very long distances. After hearing about LizardSkin CI, I applied it to the entire interior; it made a huge difference and now it's very comfortable to ride in, no matter the distance." -- George M., Milford, MI Glad to hear we turned George's [...]

  • 41 Chevrolet

    "LizardSkin is an unbelievable product. My car is very quiet and very cool now. I'll never build another car without it." -- Brian B, New Lenox, IL

  • 1964 1/2 Mustang

    "I applied both LizardSkin Products SC and CI to the exterior and interior. This is the best and easiest product to use and it does a fantastic job!" -- Thomas, Mayfield, OH We always love to hear when people say how easy the product is to apply! Simply follow our application instructions and you've installed [...]

  • 1950 Mercury Hardtop

    “Best heat insulation I have ever found” LizardSkin-CI (vehicle heat insulation) was up to the job when it comes to keeping the heat out of this Mercury. A seamless layer on the interior of your vehicle can reduce heat transfer from the engine compartment, the sun, and the road. If heat insulation is not your [...]

  • Sprinter Van

    “LizardSkin is amazing. Do you know how nice it is to drive in what was once basically a big metal drum and actually be able to use the phone? I can now hear my customers loud and clear and they can hear me. That helps me gets business done.” - Colin   Sprinter vans, Promasters, [...]

  • 37 Chevy Sedan

    “We’ve used LizardSkin in a ’37 Chevy Sedan, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr, ’48 Chevy pickup and ’40 Ford so far. Every vehicle that comes out of this shop will have LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation in it.” -- Dan Newnan, Georgia What a list of vehicles! When our customers are applying LizardSkin auto insulation and sound damping products [...]

  • Green/Black 1973 Dodge Challenger

    "I saw a demo at a car show of both the sound control and ceramic insulation and decided that if it worked half as good as the demo it would be great. The cost of installing the LizardSkin was cheaper than installing other types of insulation and sound deadeners so I went ahead and had [...]