• 59 Ford Escort

    "LizardSkin is a great product. Both were used in my car to keep it super quiet and very cool." -- John & Anita, Betnesda, OH

  • 1950 Mercury Hardtop

    “Best heat insulation I have ever found”

  • The Sound System

    “LizardSkin® was easy to apply and works much better than others in keeping my car cool inside. The deadening effects also made the sound system much greater and clearer. Thank you for a great product.” -- Dave Denver, Colorado

  • Sprinter Van

    “LizardSkin is amazing. Do you know how nice it is to drive in what was once basically a big metal drum and actually be able to use the phone? I can now hear my customers loud and clear and they can hear me. That helps me gets business done.” -- Colin  

  • 39 Chevy Sedan

    “We’ve used LizardSkin® in a ’37 Chevy Sedan, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr, ’48 Chevy pickup and ’40 Ford so far. Every vehicle that comes out of this shop will have LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation in it.” — Dan Newnan, Georgia

  • Green/Black 1973 Dodge Challenger

    "I saw a demo at a car show of both the sound control and ceramic insulation and decided that if it worked half as good as the demo it would be great. The cost of installing the LizardSkin was cheaper than installing other types of insulation and sound deadeners so I went ahead and had [...]

  • Roof temperature of the 1936 Ford

    “… sprayed the inside and underside of a 1936 Ford …out in the sun one day, roof temperature of the 1936 Ford was about thirty degrees cooler than the 1965 Ford Falcon right next to it.” -- Jim, Jacksonville, FL

  • Black 1969 Chevy Camaro

    Marlin and Nancy knew that they needed protection from the heat and noise generated by the 330 horsepower LS1 Motor. They went with LizardSkin and coated the interior and under body. "We used LizardSkin coatings because we knew it was the only thing that would keep the Hellfire cool and quiet.” -- Marlin  

  • Four Gallons of LizardSkin

    “I applied four gallons of LizardSkin to the entire interior trunk area and the sound level and deadness of the panels is truly amazing! We measured a 30 degree temp differential skin temp to inside temp.” -- John, California

  • ’65 Mustang

    "We love using LizardSkin on our builds!" -- Michael