• 1934 Chevy Sedan

    "We applied it to the inside surfaces of the body and to all underside panels including the transmission and driveshaft tunnel.  I am really impressed at how well the heat control product works.  The car has no carpet or other insulation on the floors and the surfaces remain only warm to the touch after extended [...]

  • Truck toolbox

    "The surface temperature of my toolbox was 140?F in the Houston Summer heat, and made accessing it a scary prospect if there were no clouds in the sky. After I coated the exterior with LizardSkin, I’ve got no fear of burning myself and everything inside stays cool." -- Travis, Houston, TX  

  • 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan

    "Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how excited I am to see the difference LizardSkin makes. After it finished curing, the difference in resonance is staggering. Before, when you knocked on the roof, it sounded like a tin can. Now it has no resonance. It should be a very cool, quiet [...]

  • 1937 Chevy

    "I use LizardSkin to keep my 1937 Chevy and other builds cool and quiet, I won’t build a car without it" -- John G., N. St.Paul, MN

  • 1956 Chevy

    "LizardSkin Sound Control is great.  I can really hear the high performance of my ride." -- Larry

  • 1962 Chevy Nova

    "We would not build another car without it. My Dad switched from another product he used on his car. After seeing LizardSkin in action, he's a believer too." -- Steve & Rajean, Iowa  

  • 32 Ford Coupe

    "My car was very hot and I was unable to drive for very long distances. After hearing about LizardSkin CI, I applied it to the entire interior; it made a huge difference and now it's very comfortable to ride in, no matter the distance." -- George M., Milford, MI

  • 41 Chevrolet

    "LizardSkin is an unbelievable product. My car is very quiet and very cool now. I'll never build another car without it." -- Brian B, New Lenox, IL

  • 64 1/2 Mustang

    "I applied both LizardSkin Products SC and CI to the exterior and interior. This is the best and easiest product to use and it does a fantastic job!" -- Thomas, Mayfield, OH

  • 2008 Ford Edge

    "I drive approximately 100 miles per day. 70 of these miles are on the freeway and after the application of the Lizardskin I find the road noise has reduced 60 to 70%. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to reduce road noise in their vehicle." -- Dana, Duvall, WA